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Israeli Contemporary Art

Our MUSE is this city's art and culture and we hope you'd be inspired as well. As a place who aims to spark inspiration- MUSE HOTELAVIV Boutique Hotel exhibits works of art curated by our designers seasonally.
In Tel Aviv, art is everywhere you look: on the walls, museums, a pop up gallery waking up for a week or two, artists' markets and much more. We could never keep up; we have guests to spoil after all…
So we initiated cooperation with "OUTBOX", an organization promoting Israeli art and supporting young, talented artists- come check out the results…

Concierge Service

The concierge crew at MUSE HOTELAVIV Boutique Hotel is here ,24/7, to ensure you have all you need to fully appreciate Tel-Aviv; our knowledge of the city and hospitality standards are always one step ahead.
MUSE crew is happy to recommend nearby trips, cool day & night hangouts, fresh daily cultural events, show tickets, coordinate portable transportation and offer our personal insights on what's tasty and vibrant around.  

MUSE HotelAVIV Personalized Breakfast

Good morning sunshine! The earth screams HELLO, but just before you hit the beach you might enjoy MUSE HOTELAVIV Boutique breakfast, just what you imagine when you dream of an Israel fresh breakfast.
Buddha once said 'Every day we choose the same and yet every day we're bound to choose different…' which breakfast will it be today? French? authentic Israeli breakfast, perhaps vegan breakfast or the legendary feast breakfast?
Personal delicious breakfast at your choice- daily!


Our designers aim to inspire; MUSE's lobby is just the place you want to be at when hosting meetings, or working solo for a few hours. Inspiration hits wherever your eye wanders… the sunny location, the hip art around.
MUSE's high ceilings and natural sunlight creates the perfect vibe for quality networking meeting spots & inspiration- but don’t work too hard, we'd hate for you to miss the sunset views. Of course the mind needs its fuel itself… but the body is ever so demanding! The lobby serves special chef menus, changing seasonally accompanied with our MUSE bar.

Hot beverages

Early morning, after a hectic day at the beach, before heading to a meeting and even sometimes just like that for no particular reason, the mind says “stop, let's take a breather,” and you know its coffee time.
MUSE lounge is always prepared to offer everything you might need to inspire your senses. The perfect views are here to match that perfect cup of coffee.


As part of hotel intimacy, we made sure you will always be connected to people you love and maintain your business connections easily and comfortably. A free of charge WIFI network is thus available for you.

Laundry Services (extra fee)

Laundry services are available at your demand; daily pick up & drop off.